Anna Podris

360 View

Anna Podris’s enigmatic paintings serve as windows into imagined cityscapes andwhimsical natural worlds. Anna’s paintings resonate mystery. She feels that the act of painting is meditative and sublime and dedicates her-self to the transcendental value of art. Anna Podris had been painting in oils for 9 years before adding encaustics to herrepertoire over three years ago. Encaustic paints have allowed her to build translucentlayers of imagery, as well as add mixed media elements to her work. Her paintingsalways include: people, plants, animals, or buildings. Using this imagery, she createsquirky and mythic narratives. Unexpected color combinations along with a love ofpattern are elements that denote her unique style of painting. Anna graduated from the Savannah College of Art and design with a BFA in painting.Since then, she has been a professional full time painter showing work in and aroundthe triangle and beyond. She also teaches art classes to children and adults. Anna’s arthas appeared on the city of Raleigh busses for two years in a row. Recently she had herfirst solo show in Brooklyn, New York. She has also shown in Vail, Colorado; Miami,Florida; and Alexandria, Virginia. She shares a studio with her artist husband - KeithNorval. They recently had a daughter - Ingrid.